AggieCycles are working closely with our community, local council and highways partners in exploring solutions to integrate cycling infrastructure into a village environment and the surrounding areas.

Chivvy Cycle Crossing;

From Monday 29 January to Monday 12 March 2018 Highways England is consulting on proposals to improve the A30 between Chiverton and carland cross.

As it stands they will NOT be building a crossing for pedestrians/cyclists at the current chivvy roundabout location.

You can change that here!

On our vision for a cycle crossing we have said;

‘This is a really exciting proposal. We have a vision of a safe and direct cycle highway between St Agnes and Truro.  The 2011 census shows over 1,000 travel to work trips are made each day between the St Agnes area and Truro.  Considering it’s a relatively flat route of just 6 or 7 miles many of these trips could be done by bike, helping to reduce congestion, tackle air pollution and promote healthy lifestyles.  A segregated path along Teagle straight is an essential part of this vision as is a direct and safe cycle crossing at the site of the existing Chiverton roundabout. This facility could improve the well being of all mid Cornwall residents and visitors, so please respond to the Highways England consultation on the A30 upgrade and call for a direct crossing – something that’s currently missing from their proposals.’ 


If you share our vision, please tell them here today!

Need guidance for completing feedback? Check out Truro Cycling Campaign page here



St Agnes; ‘Cornwall’s Cycling Village’ Pilot Project

Consultation on ‘Phase 1’ has just opened (30/09/2016) and will run until 20/10/2016, please view here , register and add your comments.

Our comments can be seen below!


Our most recent mention at Parish Council level can be read here

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